Café de Akbar – Bradford 

Akbar’s have made a name for themselves with their restaurants all around the country. I am a big fan and regularly visit the one in Birmingham so when I saw that they had opened up a café version of Akbar’s in Bradford I knew I had to give it a try.

What’s it like inside?
Nice inside, it looks very different to the Akbar’s restaurants. They have kept the dimly lit theme but have a lot of booths and tried to give a look which will appeal to the younger audience.

What’s on the menu?
The menu has a mixture of traditional curries, and food they call continental which includes burgers, steak, fish and pasta dishes. They have a good variety and there is something for everyone on the menu. We decided to ordered curries, here are some pics of what we ordered.

Staters: Cheese Sheekh Kebabs
Main: Chicken tikka masala and Chicken and keema karahi

The Service:  This wasn’t great, they got our order wrong and when we asked them to replace the food with what we had ordered we didn’t get a great response – in the end it was easier to eat what we had in front of us.

The verdict: Overall I was very disappointed. The food wasn’t the very nice, the naan was hard and the curry tasted like overs from the day before. I was very surprised as this did not match the standard of food I would expect from an Akbhar’s restaurant.

Overall rating for food, service and atmosphere

Café de Akbar, 1278 Leeds Rd, Bradford BD3 8LF

Please note: these are my personal views, everyone has different tastes and expectations so your experience may vary to mine. Have been here? Do you agree, share your thoughts below.

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