Cona Restaurant in Bradford – All hail Cona!

I was planning a special birthday meal in Bradford, so I asked my friends, family and the ‘best halal burger’ group on Facebook for suggestions. I was overwhelmed by the response, everyone said Cona and shared a positive experience about food and service. I thought this was unusual it’s not often that you get so many people agreeing about one place. My decision was made I had to check out Cona for myself.

What’s it like inside?
It’s quite a small place with a simple and minimalist feel. I thought this was quite nice as it gave the place a nice cozy and personal feel.

Menu and Service 
On arrival the waiter politely greeted us walked us over to our table and handed us the menu. My first impression of the menu was wow! They served a great variety of dishes which included Wagu and USDA steak (which they import to the UK), chicken, lobster and a few other things I had never heard of. What a choice I needed time to absorb the menu and choose wisely.

The menu contained a lot of meat options but also had some fish and vegetable dishes for those of you who are vegetarians or pescatarians. They change the menu on a weekly basis as they use seasonal and local produce.

When ordering I was very impressed by the knowledge the waiting staff had about the food, they were able to talk through how each dish is prepared and the ingredients used.

For starters we both ordered a Chicken Milanese, it was breaded chicken breast served a beautiful sauce and salad.



Chicken Milanese

For our mains we ordered the Wagu Steak Pie with mash potato and vegetables and a Wagu Steak chips


Wagu Steak and chips


Steak pie, mash potato and vegetables

I had the steak pie it was amazing, the chucks of meat were cooked to a melt in the mouth perfection, this coupled with the vegetables and gravy made the most perfect melody flavors and textures. The mash potato on the side was soft and creamy and worked well with the seasoned veg.

The Wagu steak was amazing, the meat was soft and again melted in your mouth perfect – Even though it wasn’t mine I had to try it 🙂

For pudding we shared a lemon posset as we were both quite full. The flavors were light and delicate and it was the perfect pallet cleanser – yum!

The verdict
Overall I had a great experience at Cona it totally exceeded my expectations. The service was spot on, the staff were friendly, helpful and they gave us as much time as we needed between courses, I never felt rushed. The owner of the restaurant even came over to say hello.

The food was beautifully presented, it looked like the food featured on master chef and tasted even better then it looked. I would go as far as saying that it’s best tasting food I have ever had and I have eaten in quite a few places.

What set this place apart from other places was the attention to detail and they seemed to genuinely want you to have a good dining experience. I really think this place deserves to be recognised for the great food and I hope that someday it is recognised as a Michelin star restaurant.

It’s a lovely place to go if you are celebrating a special occasion; it’s not a place I would go every week as it is quite expensive.

Overall rating for food service and atmosphere

Cona Restaurant, 20 East Parade, Little Germany, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 5HD.

Please note: these are my personal views, everyone has different tastes and expectations so your experience many vary to mine. Have been here? Do you agree, share your thoughts below.







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