Marco & Carl, Leicester

There was a ripple of excitement when Marco and Carl opened in Leicester – finally we had new place to eat which served English and Italian food.

The restaurant was a big hit and was busy all the time, you had to book in advance to get a weekend table. Things seem to have calmed down since it opened, but will the food and service stand the test of time? I thought I’d check it again to see if it as good as it was when it first opened.

What’s it like inside?
Spacious, modern, with a great atmosphere. It looks very similar to an Italian food chain restaurant you’d find on the high street.

What’s on the menu?
The restaurant specialises in hand crafted burgers and pizzas. That said they do sell lots of other things including steak, fish, chicken and pasta dishes. They have a great selection of starters (I enjoyed the Tilapia fish), desserts and lots of mocktails to tantalize your taste buds. The pina colada is nice – it’s served in an actual pineapple 🙂

Here’s some pics of what we ordered for our mains


Bombay Beef Burger & Garlic chips


Mumbai chicken pizza

And for dessert…. French toast, served with ice cream, nutella and strawberries and Cookie dough bonanza. Mmmm

The Service: I have visited this restaurant a few times and the service has varied. The first time was good, we ordered straight away and our food arrived in good time. Unfortunately, this time was the opposite. We had to wait a while before we could order and then the food arrived at different times – surely the point of going out for a meal is so that you all eat at the same time. They were apologetic about the delay and were trying really hard but were very short-staffed.

The verdict: I feel a bit torn about this restaurant and can’t quite decide if I really like it or not. I have experienced inconsistencies with the food and service each time, which has caused my confusion.

With this particular visit the food was spot on, the service wasn’t great but apart from that it was a lovely eating experience.

My previous experiences haven’t been so great, I’ve had a dry burger, extremely spicy chicken and some very salty pasta. I guess each visit will be different and will depend on what you order but for me I still can’t quite decide so will rate this as average. Maybe I should try it again 🙂

Overall rating for food, service and atmosphere


Marco and Carl, 26-28 Granby Street, Leicester LE1 1DE
Telephone: 0116 253 8899


Please note: these are my personal views, everyone has different tastes and expectations so your experience may vary to mine. Have been here? Do you agree, share your thoughts below.



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