On fire with the Chili Cheese Burger – Fargo’s Food Factory in Birmingham

What’s it like inside?
The restaurant is decorated to look like an American style diner but also has a factory look – which fits the name – Food factory.

What’s on the menu?
They serve burgers, pizza, steak, curry and stir fry so there is something there for everyone! In fact they have even created characters for each of the types of food they serve. These are Burger Brothers, Gilbert Grill, Stir fry Stan, Colonel Curry and Pippino Pizza, which made me chuckle.

I’ve visited Fargo’s a few times and tried a few things on the menu but have always preferred their burgers. I have heard that they have just launched a new menu so will have to visit them again and update my review.

Here are some photo’s of the food we ordered:

Chili cheese bomb burger, fully loaded fries – Mutton mince
Chuck’s chicken classic burger, fully loaded fries – Mexican chicken

The chili cheese burger is very nice and it goes well with the loaded fries. It is very spicy so it’s not for the fainted hearted. If you want a hot meaty burger then this is one for you. The chicken burger was also very nice.

Fargo’s also do food challenges, so if you fancy a man v food challenge you should give it a go.

The Service: I thought this was great; we were taken to our table straight away and got the food we ordered in good time. I couldn’t fault the service

The verdict
I had a great dining experience at Fargo’s the food and service was great. Everyone working in the restaurant very was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend checking Fargo’s out. I will for sure as I want to try the new menu 🙂

Overall rating for food, service and atmosphere

Fargo’s food factory, 377 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham B12 8LA,

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