The scent of the sizzler! – Toro’s Steakhouse Leicester

There are a lots of great steak places springing up all over the place. Toro’s in Leicester was one of the first steak places to open many moons ago. Being the steak pioneers in Leicester, I popped along to see what it was like.

The decoration is quite basic especially when you compare it some of the new steak places that are opening up. None the less it had a humble yet welcoming feel to it and it was absolutely packed. It was so popular that I struggled to get a table. If you decide to go make sure you book in advance.

And now for the most important part, the food. They serve lots of meat, from sizzling steaks, grilled chicken, to selection of fish dishes and even salads!

I was there for the steak so went straight to the sizzling steak section on the menu. I like steaks on a sizzler I love the dramatic entrance of the food with all the smoke and sizzling sounds, it’s a real head turner, the celebrity of the steak world 🙂

We ordered a T-bone and a Sirloin steak, both came with chips and pasta, the egg was an optional extra. The potion size is quite generous and you have a lot of food on your plate. The steak was nice and cooked really well and surprisingly the pasta and chips went really well with it. Here are some photos of the food we ordered.

So the food was great, but what really let this place down was the lack of ventilation in the restaurant. The restaurant has three floors and we were sat on the ground floor/basement. Every time the waiter brought down a sizzling steak the room was filled with smoke which caused everyone in the room to cough. When I asked for tap water I was told they only sold bottled water. Fair enough, but it was their smokey environment which was causing the need for water. The waiter acknowledged this and didn’t charge us for the water which was nice.

The verdict
Overall this was probably not one of my favorite dining experiences, yes the food was nice but the environment wasn’t great.

If you fancy some steak in a no frills restaurant it is definitely worth checking out, just make sure you don’t wear your best closes as you’ll leave smelling like a T-bone 🙂

Overall rating for food, service and atmosphere

Toro’s Steakhouse, 9 Highfield street, Leicester, LE2 1AB, 0116 254 9885

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