Feed your soul, brunch at Boondocks in London

On the hunt for the best food in the UK, we headed down south to see what London had to offer. While doing my research Boondocks caught my eye, they had a day dedicated to pancakes – Friday and also served brunch. I couldn’t contain my excitement, I had to check it out.

So on Friday morning we started our journey across London with empty bellies all set to sample the delights Boondocks had to offer.

After a quick look at the menu I ordered a banana caramel nut pancake stack, the Mister wanted something savory so ordered the Bonjangles.


The Bonjangles, buttermilk biscuit (scone), fried chicken, poached egg, cheese and hot sauce


Banana caramel nut pancakes served with fresh cream

Wow! The food was amazing – let’s start with the pancakes, they were light, fluffy and cooked to perfection. The banana caramel topping and fresh cream all enhanced the taste of the pancake, this along with a cup of tea was perfect!

Next the Bonjangles, the biscuit (scone) was soft and the chicken and poached egg worked really well together, but what added an extra pizzazz was the hot sauce. I know the Mister enjoyed it because he didn’t say a say much while he was eating the food – the only thing he said was ‘this is nice’ as he polished off his last bite, he was a happy chappie!

The service was great, the waitress explained the menu and served us as soon as we were ready to order.

The atmosphere was really nice and relaxed – perfect for brunch.

The verdict
I loved this place the food and service was spot on. The type of food was very different to the type of food we get in the Midlands, which made a nice change. I am a big fan of this place and will be returning to taste their evening menu. If you go to London – check this place out.

Overall rating for food, service and atmosphere


Boondocks, 205 City Rd, London EC1V 1JT, Facecook: @BoondocksLondon

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