Number 88, two fat burgers… Fatburger in London

On tour in London, we headed over to Camden to check out Fatburger. I had read mixed reviews so thought it was about time Hungry and Halal checked it out.

They had a great selection of burgers on the menu, beef, chicken, turkey and vegetable. They even catered for those counting calories with a skinny burger and a lettuce wrap. Also on the menu was Buffalo chicken wings, sides, wraps and salads.

We ordered, two Fatburgers a single for me and double for the mister, with chips, curly fries and a portion of a hot Buffalo boneless chicken wings.


Fatburger with 2 beef patties and cheese


Boneless Buffalo chicken wings with hot sauce

I was pleasantly surprised by the burger patty, it didn’t taste processed in any way, I think I was expecting a McDonald’s style processed burger (which I had tasted this in Dubai). The meat was cooked well and I didn’t get any chewy bits in my burger!

Next was the boneless chicken wings – these were amazing! They were my favorite and would definitely recommend trying these. These little treasures were crispy chunks of chicken drizzled with the hot buffalo sauce and were full of flavour – yummy!

The service was good, the person on the till explained the menu and the options for each meal, he even recommend the best cheese to go with my burger as they had a few options. He was a jolly chap and looked like he really enjoyed his job, which isn’t always the norm for a fast food place.

And now for the funny bit, he shouted our order to the people making the food and they shouted it out back – sounded like a scene from a pantomime 🙂 It’s what they do in Fatburger in America so they replicate it here, made me chuckle.

The atmosphere was casual and quite laid back for a fast food place, it was early evening so it was quiet but I can imagine it gets very busy in the evenings and the weekends.

The verdict
I really enjoyed the food but thought it was quite expensive for fast food place, £15 for a burger meal with fries and a bottomless drink. The food on the other hand was spot on especially the boneless wings – I would definitely pay Fatburger another visit when I’m in London next.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

I have given this place a 4 out of 5 mainly because it is quite expensive.



Fat Burger, 10 Jamestown Road, Camden, NW1 7BY,

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