The sweetest thing, Ice Stone Gelato in Birmingham

It was a Saturday night and we were chilling, when  someone mention the ‘D’ word (dessert) and the next thing we knew we were all in the car driving to get a pudding. We were headed to Ice Stone Gelato in Birmingham.

The menu had a great selection, which included waffles, crepes, ice creams, mocktails, gelato and  frozen yogurt.

We ordered a chocolate chip and strawberry cookie dough, chocolate fondue, jam sponge and custard, frozen yogurt and a banana romana sundae – let’s just say we were all needed sugar 🙂

Below are some pictures of the desserts we devoured.

The verdict
We all enjoyed the desserts and will definitely be returning. The service was good and so was the atmosphere. There was lots of talking and eating and was very busy.

If you are in need of a sugar hit and you are in Birmingham, Bradford or Manchester, I would recommend checking this place out.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere



Ice Stone Gelato, 353 Ladypool road, Birmingham, B12 8LA.
They also have branches in Bradford and Manchester.

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