The Mountain Burger, Chicken Cottage in Cardiff

We were exploring Cardiff when suddenly the hunger kicked. The Zabihah app came out and we searched for the closet halal food place. Chicken Cottage was on the list so we all headed over to get some fried chicken.

Chicken Cottage had re-branded, it had a new logo and a shiny new interior. The menu looked the same, however they did have a sign up stating they use 100% chicken with no processed food, which i guess is new.

I didn’t take long for me to choose my food, for me its all about the Mountain Burger. This is a spicy chicken fillet burger with a hash brown.

The burger tasted good, the bun was soft, the chicken fillet was tasty and the hash brown added an extra crunch to the burger – Yummy!


The Mountain Burger

The service and atmosphere were good, quite standard for a fast food place.

The verdict
I really enjoyed this burger. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Chicken Cottage and didn’t disappoint. I was very impressed with their new branding it looks like they are ready to take on the other chicken shops in the market. It you spot a Chicken Cottage and fancy something epic, give the Mountain Burger a try.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

Chicken Cottage, 108 St Mary street, Cardiff, CF10 1DX




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