The Bagel and Burger Kitchen in Cardiff

My last day in Cardiff and I really wanted to try the Bagel and Burger Kitchen. I had read some great reviews about it and wanted to check it out for myself.

The restaurant itself was quite small but nicely decorated it had a funky urban look.

The menu was good it had a great selection of burgers and you were given the option to change your bun to a bagel.

I opened the menu to decide what I wanted to order and the guy working behind the till told us that they didn’t have any chicken. What no chicken how could this be! I was very disappointed as I had my eye of the Smokey BBQ chicken burger. In the end I ordered the the beef version. Here are a few photo’s we ordered to wet your appetite 🙂


Big Cwtch, burger patty topped with pulled lamb served on a brioche bun


The Smokey BBQ burger with dirty fries (topped with cheese and jalapenos)

My Smokey BBQ burger was nice, the meat was cooked well, I wasn’t keen on the dirty fries they were a bit dry and had gone hard. I was told the Big Cwtch was  nice, but the the Juicy Lucy was a bit burnt and the Salt Beef Bagel was not very nice.

The verdict
Overall I was quite a disappointed, I really wanted the food to be nice but it wasn’t great. The biggest problem for me was that they didn’t have any chicken. I do think that this place has potential and would give it another go if I was in the neighborhood. Give it a try in you are in Cardiff and let me know what you think 🙂

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

Bagel and Burger Kitchen, 88 Salisbury Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AE
Facebook: @thebbkitchen


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