Nice to ‘meat’ you – The MeatCo in London

The MeatCo is an elite steakhouse which has restaurants in the Middle East, South Africa and the UK. Nearly everyone I know has eaten here and I wanted to give it a try. I headed down to London with an empty belly ready to sample the delights of the MeatCo.

When we arrived we were given two menu options halal and a non halal. We obviously chose the halal menu and were taken to a separate halal seating area.

The menu had a great variety meats including angus, wagyu steaks as well as chicken and burgers – something for everyone.

To start we ordered a couple of mocktails and then went straight for the main course. We ordered beef skewers and a rump steak. Here are a few pics of the food we ordered.


Beef Skewers and chips



Rump steak and chips

The verdict
The food was very nice the meat was cooked really well and was very flavorsome. The service was great, the waiter gave us some menu recommendations and the food was brought out promptly.

The atmosphere was really nice and chilled out. It’s the perfect place for a special meal out with your family or friends.

Overall, I was very impressed with the MeatCo. The food was good, but what really impressed me was the fact that they had thought what their customers would want by having a halal menu and seating area. If you are in London you should definitely give this place a try.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

The MeatCo is in Westfield Shopping Centre in London



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