Lemon Pepper in Leicester

A gourmet steak and burger restaurant in Leicester! I decided to give this place a try.

When we arrived we were taken to our reserved booth and handed the menu. I was impressed with the restaurant it looked modern and it smelt of lemons!

The menu had a great selection of burgers, steaks as well as some interesting specials, e.g. grilled Malawi chambo fish, a special lamb shank etc. We decided to go for the buffalo chicken wings to start followed by the crunch burger and the celebrity chicken burger.

After a short a wait the waiter brought over our food and my first thought was wow! It looks amazing. It was presented beautifully with a slice of lemon and served of on a chopping board.

The problem started when I took my first bite (I had the celebrity burger). The chicken was cooked well it had lots of toppings but unfortunately didn’t taste of much. The only flavor that came through was the sweet onions, the chicken and sauces were tasteless. It was the same for the crunch burger. I was very really disappointed as it definitely didn’t taste as good as it looked.

I had ordered a bottomless drink but fancied some water and asked for some tap water. I was told that they didn’t serve tap water and I had to buy bottled water. I was surprised by this as all of the restaurants I’ve visited serve tap water. I guess they must have their reasons for only serving bottled water.


Celebrity  chicken burger – caramelized onions, avocado and jalapeno



Crunch burger – chicken burger with cheese and hot sauce

The verdict
The food was OK, it looked great but didn’t taste of much. If they spent as much time on the taste as they did the appearance the food would be spot on.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

Lemon Pepper, 12 -14 Highfields street, Leicester, LE2 1AB
HMC approved.


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