A Mac’n’cheese burger, is that even possible? Steakout in Leicester

I have fond memories of my first Steakout experience. I stumbled across it while walking through town. My first thought was OMG, we have a new halal steak restaurant in Leicester and secondly I have to try this place now, so I grabbed my friend and went straight in for an early dinner. A lot of time has passed since then, Steakout have a new menu and look inside, so I thought it was about time Hungry and Halal paid them a visit.When we arrived were welcomed by some really friendly staff. They seemed genuinely happy and looked like they enjoyed their job. This was nice to see as I’ve been to places where the waiting staff looked like they’d prefer to be somewhere else.

Right, let’s get down to business the menu. The new menu had a selection of burgers, steaks, chicken and pies, Ooh what do I have? I decided to stick with a burger as I had ‘a steak night in’ last weekend and felt I’d had reached my steak quota for the month.

I noticed they had a Mac’n’cheese burger on the menu, is this even possible on a burger? I was intrigued so decided to give it a try and I wasn’t disappointed. My first bite was divine I got a small taste of the macaroni and cheese fritter, cheese sauce and a tasty beef burger patty, yummy srummy! We also ordered the buttermilk buffalo chicken burger which was tasty and had lots of flavor.

On the side we ordered buffalo chickens wings, we’ve become slightly obsessed with chicken wings after having them in Fat Burger in London. I’m on a mission to find the perfect chicken wing! Any suggestions anyone?

Here are some pics of the food we ordered.


Buttermilk buffalo chicken burger


Mac ‘n’ cheese burger


Buffalo chicken wings

The verdict: I really enjoyed the food and the service was spot on I will definitely be visiting again.

Steakout, I’m coming back and this time I’m gonna try your steaks 🙂

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

If you want to try Steakout you’ll find them at 14 Grandby street in Leicester, LE1 1DE. Telephone:  0116 262 6501, facebook @SteakoutLeicester
They are HMC approved.


One thought on “A Mac’n’cheese burger, is that even possible? Steakout in Leicester

  1. Mac’n’cheese and a juicy burger! Combining some of the best comfort foods on earth can only lead to good things. Hope it wasn’t too messy! Awesome post!


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