La Favorita in Birmingham

Halal and Italian usually don’t go in the same sentence, so when I found out about La Favorita I was really looking forward to giving it a try. They serve authentic Italian and Pakistani food so it’s the perfect place to go if you are dining with people who only eat curries. I’m sure you will all know a few of those people 🙂

When we arrived we were taken to our table, I sat down opened the menu and couldn’t get over massive variety. They had a huge Italian section and an equally big Pakistani section. For a moment I almost got swayed to the curry section and then I remember why I was there, to eat Italian.

After much deliberation I ordered a bruschetta to start followed by a lasagna for my main. The Mr ordered a chicken kebab (couldn’t resist the Pakistani food) and good old spag boll (spaghetti bolonaise. Here are some photo’s of the food we ordered.

The verdict: The starters were good and so were the mains. My lasagna was beautiful, it was cheesy and meaty – perfect! The spaghetti bol was nice, it was tasty but wasn’t as nice as the lasagna, let’s just say the Mr had food envy.

The service was good the waiter took our order promptly and the food was brought to our table by the chef which I thought was a nice touch.

I enjoyed the food at La Favorita and will definitely return to try a ruby murry (curry).

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

If you want to try La Favorita you’ll find them at 72 Alfred street, Birmingham, B12 8JP. Telephone: 0121 771 4112 or on facebook @LaFavoritaBham.


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