It’s a ‘Boo’ way of life – Boo Burger in Leicester

Boo Burger opened a few weeks ago and is taking Leicester by storm, it’s the first halal (Aberdeen Angus) burger specialist in town. I’d read some great things about this place so thought it was about time Hungry and Halal paid them a visit.

The menu was simple, it had a chicken, beef and veg option, I love that they hadn’t over complicated it.

We ordered the buffalo bites and sticky wings to start and followed by a chick-a-boo (chicken burger) and big boo with chips, a peanut butter milkshake and a bottomless soft drink to wash it all down with. Here are some snaps of what we ordered.


Chick-a-boo – Chicken burger




Sticky wings


Verdict – I really enjoyed all of my food, the burgers were juicy and succulent and were cooked perfectly. The bun to burger ratio was just perfect. There was just enough meat and salad to fit nicely into the burger without it escaping out of the sides when you take a bite. You may think that this is a strange thing to say but I’ve been to places where the burgers are so big, they fall apart when you try to eat them leaving no choice but to eat them with a fork and knife –  a crime against burgers.

I absolutely loved the sticky bites, they tasted amazing they tasted a lot like the boneless chicken wings served in Fatbuger – my favourite.

The chips were great too, they were shaped in a ‘u’ shape so you can scoop up the sauce – they’ve thought of everything!


The service was great, we were given a pager which buzzed when our food was ready. Each burger was labelled with a number, so no opening the wrong one. I loved this level of detail.  All the staff were really friendly and had a sense of pride for working for Boo Burger.


Loved the food it’s really nice to have a decent burger place in Leicester, something that is on par with some of the burger joints in London like Fat Burger and Red Iron. If you are in Leicester I would definitely recommend giving Boo Burger a try.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

If you want to check out Boo Burger, you’ll find them 136 London Road, Leicester, LE2 2EH. Facebook:  @booleicester #booburger


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