Steak on the Rocks – Howdy! in Bradford

We were in Bradford for the weekend and wanted to try somewhere new, a friend suggested Howdy! So we decided to give it a try.

Howdy! has recently opened in Bradford, it’s a steakhouse with a difference. It has a wild west theme and has a novel way of cooking steaks. Its called ‘Steak on the Rocks’ and you cook your steak at your table on a lava plate, just the way you like.

There was a lot to choose from on the menu, steaks cooked/served in different ways and a big selection of burgers. I ordered the Apache Chiefs Chicken sizzler, a chicken fillet steak served with vegetables, mash, chips and pasta.

The Mr ordered the Tomahawk premium steak on the rocks. This is a 16oz beef filet served with vegetables, mash and spicy rice.

The steak on the rocks arrived on a lava plate and the waiter asked if we’d like to cook the steak. The Mr wasn’t keen so the waiter kindly cooked it for him. My chicken steak was served on a sizzler – let’s just say that there was a lot of smoke when our food arrived. Here are a some pics of the food.


16oz Beef fillet cooked on the rocks (lava plate) 


Chicken fillet steak served with mash, vegetable, chips and pasta

Verdict – The steak was cooked really well and stayed nice and warm on the lava plate. They food was served with a really nice sauce, not sure what it was called but it was lovely. The chicken steak was nice, it was flavorsome and tasted good. The sides were nice but am not sure is mash and chips went well with together. I think it should be one rather than both.

The service was great, the staff were helpful and friendly and were really getting into their cowboy persona.

Overall I liked the food, the portion sizes very generous and the wild west theme was pretty cool.

Overall rating for food and atmosphere

If you want to give Howdy! A try you can find them on Leeds Road in Bradford. Telephone 01274 722277, Facebook @HowdyBradford. Howdy! are HMC accredited.


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